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Using Google Drive for Your Writing and Articles

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Posted by / July 30, 2014 / 2 Comments

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I mentioned in a group that I’ve been using Google Drive for my articles, and some people wanted to know more, so here goes.

Alright, so most writers know that you should never write directly into the forms on any writing site. It’s too easy to have something go wrong and you lose all your work. It’s always recommended that you write your piece in Word or OpenOffice or something like that so you have a saved copy. Then you copy and paste the article to the site. I was using OpenOffice, but I switched to Google Drive.

The reason I switched was so that I could write using my tablet. Sometimes I’m not in the office, but I have my tablet handy. I can access Google Drive on my mobile device for free. There are other benefits too. I can store all my articles on their storage, which means I always have a backup copy even if my computer dies. I can access Drive from any computer, anywhere, and through mobile devices. I can also sync it to my hard drive.

So, all you have to do to get started is go to Most people already have a Google account, but if you don’t it’s easy to get one.

I set up several folders. All my unpublished writing goes into “New Articles”. Once it’s live on a site or my blog, I move the article to one of the series folders I’ve created. General writing goes in the “Uploaded Articles” folder. Moving the articles makes it really easy for me to keep track of what I’ve published and what I haven’t.

Creating documents is easy, and I even have a folder for more personal stuff and I’ve used spreadsheets and charts. You can keep everything in your account private, or you can share documents with other people. I only have a couple of publicly shared things up. Everything else is my eyes only.

Google Drive saves your work as you type, so even if you lose power or internet, you’ll never lose more than a sentence or two of your work. My tablet died a couple times while I was writing, and I only lost a few words. Even if you type fast, it keeps saving again and again. I love that part.

I also went through a couple of pretty easy steps and downloaded Drive to my computer. That way I have a copy of everything synced to my hard drive as well as online. One added step and I was able to make it so that I can write articles in Chrome even if I’m totally offline, and it’ll sync later. It was all pretty easy. You do need to have Chrome for the offline part, but I use FireFox the rest of the time. It works with IE too.

I actually took all of my old articles and put them up on Google Drive. It took some time to copy them all over, but I did have one giant document with all my articles in it. If you already write your articles in individual documents, you can upload them all and instantly convert them to Google format and just arrange them afterward. Just make sure the “Upload Settings” under the gear icon has “Convert to Google format” checked off, then upload the files.

I hope that helps some people. I’m really loving using Drive. I also find it useful because my computer is getting slow, and it means one less program that I need to have open and running. It’s just an extra tab in my browser.

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    I use Google drive on my Google Android phone. Such a useful program.

    Briana Blair

    Google Drive is pretty useful.

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