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How I Stay Motivated to Write And You Can Too

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Tips you can use to stay motivated too

Sometimes when you’re working for yourself as a writer, it can be hard to stay motivated. I’ll share some of my tips with you here. Hopefully it will help you stay motivated as a writer, and keep the income flowing.

When I first started writing for online venues a couple years ago, I found it really difficult to come up with ideas and keep myself writing new material. Over time I’ve found ways to keep myself going, and keep the content flowing on a regular basis. It’s an evolving process, but hopefully it will help you along.

The first thing I started doing was to make idea lists. I carry a notepad with me everywhere, and I write down every potential article idea that I get throughout the day. At the end of the day I transcribe them into a document on my computer. Having this list shows me all the things that I could write. Sometimes I write the most recent ideas, sometimes I go back and flush out an idea that’s been sitting on the list for a while. The longer the list gets, the more it pushes me to get things written.

Another thing I’ve done is to set a daily writing goal for myself. I had to think about it for a while to come up with a realistic amount. I decided to commit to writing no less than 2 articles a day, which would come out to about 60 articles a month. Some days I do a lot more than 2, other days I just get the minimum. Having a goal helps me to keep going, but because I picked a low, realistic number, I don’t feel pressured to overwork myself.

To help myself stick to that goal, I use Google Calendar. I set a task for every day of the month that says “Write 2 articles”. Whenever I write, I add an event that shows how many articles I’ve written that day, like “3 articles”. For every 2 articles I write, I check off one day on the calendar. Seeing the days get checked off gives me a sense of accomplishment, and seeing the events shows me just how much work I’ve done. Using the calendar has been one of the best motivators ever for me.

Another thing that keeps me motivated is looking back over the articles I’ve already done. I keep a numbered list in a document, and it has the title of every piece I’ve ever done. The higher the numbers go, the better I feel about myself. I’m actually amazed at the number of articles that I’ve written in the last year. I never thought I could be such a prolific writer, and knowing that I’m producing that much quality work makes me want to keep doing more.

The final motivator actually ties into the calendar. Since I have the whole month filled out with tasks of writing 2 articles, and I check them off every time I complete one, I can see if I’ve gotten work done before the task is done. For instance, I wrote 10 articles in one day last week, which fulfilled my requirement for 5 days. Since I was ahead of the game, I rewarded myself with a day of playing video games and watching TV. I’d gotten several days worth of work done in advance, so I gave myself the gift of a day off to play. These “reward days” make working have a purpose other than profit, and make it more enjoyable.

In the end, we all have to find ways to keep ourselves motivated to work. I think that setting goals and rewarding yourself for going above and beyond is a great way to keep yourself on the right track without feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Try my tricks, or come up with some of your own. Writing can be enjoyable and rewarding, and if you find your personal motivator, it can seem almost effortless to do.

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