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FaceBook Owns Your Life – There’s More To The Internet

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Internet Tree Icons Media - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Internet Tree Icons Media - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I was co-admin of a group on FaceBook, and we were considering taking it in a new direction: a forum. Something off FaceBook where we would have had more freedom and options. Some people were willing, some were not. The whole thing just makes me realize how addicted people are to FaceBook.

I know some people have left FaceBook already, some are limiting their use, and many, like myself, would rather be elsewhere, but we have some ties we don’t want to cut. I’m all for having things online that have nothing to do with FaceBook, but many are not. A lot of people pretty much live on FaceBook.

I understand that there’s some level of convenience, but I think people are too attached to this social networking site, which does what it wants regardless of what we want, and is messing with things every time we get used to the last thing they messed around with. They know everything we do and are working their way into every aspect of our lives.

I’d be thrilled to get away and go somewhere else. Somewhere that doesn’t try to tell me what I want, and never give me what I actually want. I’d like to have features that allow me to actually interact with people rather than just seeing a string of useless crap shoved in my face that drowns out the few things that are actually important to me.

I doubt I’ll ever totally pull the FaceBook plug, but I’m looking to get away from it when I can. I think people need to branch out and try new things. Just because you can have a bunch of stuff in one place doesn’t mean it’s actually the best thing. People can do what they want, but I do think people ought to be a bit more open to the idea of something that doesn’t have the big FB stamped all over it.

I don’t think people realize that they’re playing into the giant’s hands. They rely on FaceBook for everything. It’s everywhere, it’s tentacles wrapped into everything, and people are letting it grab hold good and tight. There are things on the internet other than FaceBook, and a lot of them are actually pretty damn awesome. Did you know pictures come from artists and websites and don’t spontaneously erupt from FaceBook? Were you aware there’s this thing called conversation and people have it on these things called forums and blogs, and they involve actual full sentences? Some people have forgotten that.

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