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Top 5 Breakfast Foods That Aren’t Cereal

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Cereal is good, but some things are even better!

Are you tired of having cereal every morning? Check out this list of my top 5 favorite non-cereal breakfast foods. You may get inspired to trade in that boring cereal!

BLE – This is not only a fantastic breakfast food, it’s good at any time of day. Actually, it’s awesome at any time of day. I started making them years ago, and I adore them. A BLE (Bacon, Lettuce, Egg) sandwich is pretty simple, but delicious. It starts off with a fried egg, add chewy bacon slices and crisp lettuce on fresh, soft bread. Yum! Sometimes I even add a slice of cheese or serve it on an English muffin instead of bread.

Corned beef hash and eggs – I got hooked on this during my many years in Maine. Corned beef hash (which is basically finely shredded beef and tiny potato cubes) is fried until it has a bit of crisp. Scrambled eggs are made, and the two are then crumbled together and served. It’s so good you won’t believe it. Usually you just add a dash of pepper and you’re good to go, but on cold Maine winter mornings it’s really good with a light drizzle of maple syrup.

Belgian waffles with baked apple – There was a restaurant in Bartonsville, PA that got me addicted to these. The waffles were over an inch thick of fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside heaven. On top of that luscious golden waffle was a hearty helping of cinnamon and sugar baked apples. The syrup created from baking would ooze like syrup, and the whole thing was topped with a dusting of powdered sugar. It looked amazing and tasted great too.

Egg-in-a-basket – Egg in a basket is a tricky thing to prepare, but it’s quite tasty. It’s like a poached egg, fried egg and toast all in one. Slices of bread get a hole cut in the center and they’re put in a frying pan with butter. An egg is cracked into the hole of each slice, and the eggs are fried in the bread. After the egg is flipped the bread cutout (which was also fried) is popped back into place and the whole thing is then flipped again and served. So you get your hot buttered toast and an egg with a soft center all at once. So delicious! Believe it or not, I learned how to make them by watching the movie V for Vendetta!

Cinnamon cake – I haven’t had it in ages, but warm cinnamon cake used to be one of my favorites for breakfast on the run. Someone I knew used to make them. It’s basically just Jiffy Mix made into a cake with cinnamon and sugar, but it’s so good you’d think it was a really special recipe. Every piece was fluffy with a little crisp on top and that great taste of cinnamon and sugar.

Of course, I also eat plenty of non-traditional things for breakfast now that I have a late-shift schedule. I also love to eat breakfast food for dinner or late-night snack. Get creative! There’s no such thing as a bad time to have breakfast!

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