Attention All Subscribers and Fans! This is a Must-Read Post! - BrianaDragon Creations

Attention All Subscribers and Fans! This is a Must-Read Post!

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Exclamation Sign Red Image: Public Domain, Clker
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Exclamation Sign Red Image: Public Domain, Clker

Okay, so… There was a post a few days ago where I said that we were going to be doing theme days and scheduling and all that. at that time, I thought that was the right course of action. However, stress and unhappiness kicked in, causing Dracoselene and I to seriously reevaluate what we’ve been doing.

We realized that yet again we stopped doing things the way we wanted and started doing what we thought we were supposed to be doing. To be sensitive to subscribers we slowed our posting pace to a crawl. To get more subscribers we added a pop-up and a form. To keep people from getting weirded out we decided to have theme days. And what did we get for our trouble? Lower than ever views and lower income. Obviously, this is not good.

A few months ago our income and views were steadily climbing. That was before we had a mobile theme or subscriptions or posting limits. We sometimes put up 20-30 posts a day, and other times only one or two. The only way for people to follow the blog was through RSS or social networks. Even though our methods flew in the face of how you’re “supposed” to run a blog, it was working. Then we became sheep and screwed it all up.

So… [sighs] We’re going to go freight train on this thing. We’re going to post all the content that we’ve been holding back. As fast as we can. If you’re one of the people subscribed to the blog right now, you’re going to get flooded. I’m sorry, but this slow scheduling thing is driving us mad. Between the two of us we have 500-600 posts waiting to go up. They need to be up already. You can either ride the wave and stick with us until it’s done and we slow down again, or go to the bottom of one of your emails from us and unsubscribe. We hope you’ll remain a fan of the blog because we love our readers, but we’ll understand if you leave.

If you want to keep up with the blog in the future, Well, you can stay a subscriber or become one if you’re not one yet. The future will offer you anywhere from zero to however-many-I-can-do posts per day. After the backlog is handled I just want to write because it’s what I love. I may write a little or a lot, you’ll never know. New subscribers will get a weekly digest of everything that’s been posted on the blog. So, you’ll get one email per week with all the posts that went up in the last seven days, which could mean there are 5 to 100 posts listed in the email, but you’ll only get one email about it that you can keep going back to as you have time to read. If you’re already a subscriber, you can delete your subscription and sign up again using the new form on the top left, which will take you from getting individual emails to getting the weekly digest.

If you don’t want to go with email, there are other options. One way to do it is by joining the FaceBook fan page. Everything on there comes in a trickle, so it’s never overloaded. There’s a box over in the sidebar where you can like the page, and I recommend going to the actual page and setting it to send you notifications, since FaceBook is run by jackasses who won’t put all of the content into your newsfeed. You can also use the RSS feed if you have a feed reader. You can follow on Twitter, which is also a trickle. You can even use RebelMouse or to follow, and those will show everything, but you can consume it at your own rate.

I know this blog has been going through some growing pains, but I hope you’re hanging in there. We’ll get our stride eventually. Luckily, we’ve been able to maintain the quality of our content, and I think that’s what really matters, even with all the other hiccups along the way. Thanks to all of you out there, fans new and old for bearing with us.

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