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A Great Home Based Business for The SIMS 2 Open For Business – The Hangout Joint

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SIMS pay to party on your lot!I have found a great home-based business for The SIMS 2 Open For Business. I call it the “hangout joint”. It’s something that you can build over time and will allow you to rake in the Simoleans without a lot of interaction.

I have tried several of the Open For Business options in The SIMS 2, and had trouble with most of them. Not all of the businesses are as easy as you might think. I did notice that you could get a ticket stand and charge SIMs to be on your lot. I played around with a few different things, and found a system that works out pretty well, and can get SIMs paying you 30-60 Simoleans an hour.

The hang-out is something that you can create no matter what the size of your lot is, but I’ll be honest and tell you that the bigger your lot, the better your hangout will be, and the more Simoleans you’ll be able to rake in. However, I’ll start off telling you how to make one on a small lot, then we’ll move on to a bigger lot.

Now, if you have a small lot, you’ll be building your hang-out on your roof. Yup, on the roof. If you already have a roof on your house, you’ll need to change it to the flat roof type and cover it with a floor tile you like. Next, add a set of stairs that connects your roof to the ground. Make sure the stairs are out of the way of your SIMs’ front door, and have walking clearance at both the top and bottom.

Next, you need to place some things to entertain your guests. I recommend starting with a radio, sofa and television. After you have these items available, place the ticket stand and the Open For Business sign, then use the phone to call and open your business. Make sure that your business sign is on the outside of your house, and that all of your home’s doors are locked for Household and Employees Only. Locking the doors is important to keep customers from coming into your house, eating your food and using your stuff.

Once your business is open, go to the ticket machine and Set Price. Set the price to Average, whatever that may be (use the pricing type that has the smiley faces). I recommend checking the ticket machine every 2 SIM days and resetting the price by clicking on Average again (This is the middle bar over the smiley face). This will raise or lower the average price based on your business level and what amenities you may have added. The more you add to your hang-out, the more people will pay.

When you first start out, I recommend having one of your SIMs stand near the ticket machine and use Sales skills on the customers to get them to buy tickets faster. With a Gold Sales Badge you can get every customer to buy a ticket. Using sales skills on the customers is not an absolute must, but it will get people to buy faster and your business rank will go up more quickly and attract more people.

When you have enough money, you should set out at least one table and two chairs, and add vending machines. I like to have one drink and one snack machine. Be sure you have a trash can or trash chute for them to put waste in, or they will make a mess of the joint and be unable to move around. If you can afford it, hire a maid to pick up after your guests.

Later on you should use columns and build an extra room onto your second floor. A 2 x 5 room will be enough. Split the room into two 2 x 2 rooms with a 1 x 2 room in between. Remove the front wall of the small middle room. Place a pedestal sink on the back wall of this open room. In each of the other rooms place a cheap toilet. Add a women’s room door to one room and a men’s room door to the other. You now have restrooms with a wash area. SIMs will stay on your lot much longer if they have restrooms and can wash up.

As time goes by you’ll want to add other forms of entertainment like a pool table, dart board, and other things that will keep your customers busy. If you get a large lot, you can actually build an entire section dedicated to your hang-out. On my current lot I have a pond with fishing, great landscaping, a radio, vending machines, covered seating area, restrooms, shower, bubble blower, and other amenities. I’m currently getting 54 Simoleans an hour from my guests, and I’m not done tricking the joint out yet!

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