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Briana’s Writing Tips: Slow Down, Proofread and Care

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A lot of errors that we see in writing come from the fact that people are in a hurry and don’t proofread. We’re thinking quickly and trying to type as fast as we think, so mistakes happen. It’s really quite easy to avoid a lot of problems if you just take a little time.

When you’re writing, you’re probably trying to type as fast as possible so you don’t forget what you’re thinking. That’s fine. The problem is when you hit the post or submit button right afterward. Here’s where taking some time comes in. Proofread your work before you make it public. Reading over a piece just one time can be enough to catch a lot of simple mistakes like typos, missed spaces or missed capitals and other small errors.

I highly recommend making it a habit to proofread every single thing that you put into the public. It’s especially important for writing submitted for pay, but you should get into the habit in every aspect of life. It makes it easier, and makes you much more aware. Proofread everything from your articles to your FaceBook posts to your grocery list. Do your best to fix your mistakes before anyone else gets to see them.

You also need to care about what you write. Every word you put out into the public is a reflection of who you are. Even those social network posts matter and determine how people see you. Far too often I’ve seen people say things like “I’m just writing personal stuff, people won’t mind.” or “It’s for fun more than money, so it doesn’t matter.” It does matter. Even a casual social post should be written correctly. If you don’t care how you put your words into the public, why should anyone care what you have to say?

Taking time, proofreading and caring will make you a better writer and generally a better person. When what you do really matters to you, you tend to do it better and feel better about it. Every improvement you make is something you can be proud of. Hey, if you make enough improvements you can even write a post about how much more awesome you’ve become!

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