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Blog Updates And Changes

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Laptop Computer - Image: Public Domain, PixabayI just wanted to let you all know that the blog is undergoing some construction right now, so if you see things change, don’t be alarmed, it’s all part of the plan. At least a couple times a year we take a good look at the blog and change things that need to be changed, and we’re in the process of doing that right now.

You probably won’t notice a lot of the changes, but there are some that we hope you will. So far it’s small stuff, but over the rest of the week things should start looking more different.  Currently:

  • I’ve moved things around on the left sidebar to better focus on the important things.
  • I removed the top-of-post sharing buttons and made the bottom ones larger
  • I’ve removed some of the social sharing and donation features that weren’t being used, which speeds up load time
  • We’ve tweaked the ad placement and a few other small things to fix visible glitches

Soon to come:

  • A redesigned homepage, author page and category pages
  • Easier ways to subscribe to the blog for updates, and daily digests instead of individual emails
  • Other visual changes and new features

Hopefully in the future:

  • Option to buy my books directly from the blog rather than a third party
  • Option to buy my crafts directly rather than from another site
  • Posts about our art
  • Other cool stuff

Stay tuned, the blog is only going to get better!

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