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I Know, This Doesn’t Exactly Look Like A Crafting Blog

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Beads Pliers Crafting Tools - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Posted by / June 7, 2014 / 1 Comments

Beads Pliers Crafting Tools - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I realized recently that I hadn’t been doing much writing about crafting lately, which is a bad thing if I want people to know me for my crafting and art. I did a lot of writing about my natural product adventures and a few other random things. I actually had a moment when I thought I might need to make a new blog just for crafting, but then I remembered a few things.

First off, I don’t like the so-called “rules” of how things are “supposed” to be done. I know it’s recommended to stay all nichy and on-topic, but I’m eclectic in every way. I’m also, admittedly, too lazy to run a whole slew of niche blogs. I like keeping it all in one place.  I know that blogging about anything and everything may not be what others say is right, but it’s the way I want to do things.

Then I realized that there’s really nothing wrong with writing about a lot of things on one blog. You never know what people might come looking for that will get them on the blog. My variety can actually work in my favor. Someone might come looking for craft posts and find my natural product posts. Maybe they’ll find a page about the Beautiful Like You Project and then see the posts about crafting. It can actually be good for me that I write about so much.

Writing eclectically also allows readers to connect to me as a real person. I’ve read some success stories and a lot of people say that if you really want to make it, you need to get people thinking about and relating to you. Then you rise above just selling things, and become someone that people want to know about. They learn to like you, trust you, respect you, and you stick in their memory. That’s good for life, and good for business.

Now admittedly, I do need to do more writing about the crafts. I got kind of burnt out on it because I was going overboard with the posts, but that’s a topic for another time. I realized that step-by-step creation posts aren’t the only thing that I can write. There’s a lot about crafting that I can talk about. I just have to remember that variety can actually be a good thing. I’m going to try to focus more on craft posts, but as always, there’s going to be a little bit of everything.

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    Sometimes you need to focus on the why you’re doing something rather than the how. Motivations are the key to figuring out how to market things, whether it’s a business, a brand, or yourself 🙂

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