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The Law of Attraction And My Creations

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Earrings Wire Beaded - Image: © Briana Blair
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Image: © Briana Blair

Image: © Briana Blair

I’ve been wondering… If the law of attraction really works, what kind of thoughts does a person need to have about things that they make in order to get them to sell? I have all of my artwork, and all of my jewelry, and I really want it to be selling more. I’ve put it all out there and had good thoughts about it, but I’m guessing that I must be missing something.

When I’m making something I’m usually thinking about the skill and the beauty of it, and trying to have confidence in my abilities. If I don’t love what I’m doing, then nobody else will. When I’m done, whether it be with a piece of art or a piece of jewelry, I like to think about how happy someone will be when they own it. I always think “somebody is going to love this” especially about my jewelry. Hell, there’s a lot of the jewelry that I like so much I’d almost want to keep it for myself, so I know someone else out there is going to think it’s just as amazing as I do.

I remind myself that there are lots of people out there with more than enough money to buy my art and jewelry. I mean, there are people who will spend over $1000 for jeans with diamonds on the pockets, so there are people with money. I also remind myself that my work is more than good enough. There are people who make absolute crap and it sells like water at a fire. I make really good art and high quality jewelry. I should be making money like it’s going out of style.

Sometimes I think it all comes down to faith, which is something that’s really hard to have some days. There are people who totally believe in their work and the ability to sell it, and they do just that. They make good money and some do so well that they actually run out of stock and have to take several months to make new inventory, but they can live off the money from the last batch. I want to have a life like that.

The thing is, the world is so damn negative. I went to a forum looking for support in my endeavors and was met by so much negativity. People have these ideas that success can only be attained in certain ways. They think that you have to be totally unique to have success, even though the world around them shows how untrue that is, when people can do lame knockoffs and get rich doing it. Everywhere I go I see people talking about how hard it is and how success is nigh unattainable.

I try to have faith though. I do really good work. I don’t think anyone could really say otherwise. I deserve to be paid well for what I do, as does every other artisan. It makes me think of a lady I know on FaceBook who does really nice work, but she’s thinking about closing up shop and throwing in the towel. Obviously, she’s lacking faith in her work and her ability to sell. She’s falling victim to all of that negativity. I’ve been there before, but I don’t ever want to be there again.

Maybe I’m crazy or stupid, but I keep doing all I can to think the right thoughts and believe in what I’m doing. I work to believe that I’ll get more and more sales and become financially successful at what I do. I tell myself that in time, all the money I never got paid for all the work I’ve done will come flooding in to me. It’s a hell of a lot better than thinking I’m not good enough and that I may as well give up and go work at McDonalds and live off the government forever.

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