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Six Months Is Enough Time To Change Everything

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Posted by / April 30, 2014 / 2 Comments

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I don’t know if anyone remembers, but I mentioned some time back that in November or December we’re going to have a big change here. One of the housemates is moving away, which means we all need to split up and find our own places. Money is tight to say the least, so it’s a stressful thought, especially for us. Income right now isn’t nearly what it needs to be for us to live on our own.

I keep trying to tell myself though, that six months is more than enough time. One day is enough time to change the whole planet. If a huge meteor struck, the whole planet could be changed in 24 hours. If someone dropped a bomb, everything would change. If some president or ruler made a huge decision, everything could change in mere weeks. All the people in a whole country, or in the whole world, could be altered in days or weeks. The idea of my life being able to turn around in six months isn’t all that far-fetched.

I have to make myself believe this. It has factual basis, so that helps. I’ve had my whole life fall apart in a few days, so it’s got to be possible for it to turn for the good as well. Six months is actually quite a bit of time depending on how you look at it. It seems short, but a lot can happen in that much time. I need to keep reminding myself that just because things haven’t changed yet doesn’t mean they won’t.

Hell, in just a few days the Publisher’s Clearing House drawing for $7,000 a week for life will happen. I’ve put in a lot of entries, so I could be the winner. In one day everything could be better, so in six months a positive change could totally happen. It’s hard to do, but I have to let go of the stress and somehow believe, all the way down in my soul, that things will shift and come November I’ll have all the money I need and a reliable income for the future.

I’d love to win the PCH drawing, but even if that doesn’t happen, I do have things set up that could and should be making a lot of money. I have all the jewelry, with a current inventory worth over $1500, and I make more every week. I have the Zazzle, Wordans and CafePress shops, which have enough designs and products to easily make a thousand or more a month. There are my books too. AdSense could always be doing more. I’ve got other stuff floating around the internet too that can make money.

I’ve done a lot of work and I keep doing more. The universe just needs to line things up so that everything starts paying me what I deserve. Getting some of my jewelry into a local shop is a good start. If that goes well, I’ll have more chance to sell my work. Every other time I set up brick-and-mortar sales it did really well, so I’m very hopeful about that. I recently had a dream about someone writing to me to buy the rights to some of my art. That has happened before and got me a few thousand dollars. I’d be happy to sell rights to some of my designs and get a nice chunk of money from it.

I just have to have faith that everything is going to come together in time and then be good for the long run. It’s not easy, especially when life has shat on me so much and so often. Of course, there have been times in my life when I was convinced that I was on the verge of disaster and suicide would be better than the life soon to come, but then the universe opened up and presented me with beautiful salvation. I just get sick of the universe not showing the way until the last frelling minute.

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    Yeah, somebody buying some rights to your art can really help. Really between selling the jewelry as you make it and selling enough products with your designs on them, that could be a pretty good living right there!

      Briana Blair

      Yeah it could 🙂 Business has been better in the past too, so I know it can get back on track. I’m just horribly impatient.

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