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Today’s Agenda: Listing, Sorting, Cleaning And More

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Agenda Calendar - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Posted by / March 18, 2014 / 1 Comments

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Agenda Calendar - Image: Public Domain, PixabayI’m not feeling super motivated today because it’s cold and I’m not feeling well, but I’m trying to get myself into a better mood and get things done. I’ve been going about my day so far trying to come up with a plan for what I want to get done today.

I know that at the top of my list is getting the last of the already photographed jewelry listed on Bonanza. I have seven pieces left to go, and I can get that all done today. After those are finished and social shared I need to go through my storage and separate the items that have already been listed from the ones that haven’t been yet.

Once I know what hasn’t been photographed and listed, I need to clean off the table where we do the photography. I don’t know if the photos will get done today, but they’ll need to be done this week. Once the photos are taken I’ll have to do all the measurements on the items and create listings for them and get them up in the store. I honestly can’t remember if the majority is already done or if there are still a lot of unlisted items.

At some point I also need to sweep the office and clean the bathroom. I’m really not a fan of cleaning the bathroom, but somebody’s got to do it. The bird cage needs to be done too, but that can wait until the weekend unless I get really motivated. I probably need to give my desk a good dusting too. Luckily that’s a very quick thing.

At some point I also want to get some new crafting done. I still have the plan for the 12 cross necklaces. I finally found my quilting thread (actually Eric found it) so now I can do those pieces. I think I’ll need to plot them out before I start threading, since I want to make them an over-the-head style and I need to make sure that I have enough beads to make them the size I’ll need. I don’t often do slip-on necklaces, but for these I think it would be better.

I’m also still working on my shawl. I think I’m about half way to the length that I want it to be. Unfortunately it’s really slow going. I can only crochet for just so long before it makes my hands ache and I need a break. I’m trying to get some work done on it every day though. I’m hoping to have it finished within a month or less.

Well, I guess I’d better get going. Unfortunately, these things won’t take care of themselves. Hopefully I can get my happy on and start creating the kind of energy that will turn all this work into sales. All of these pieces really need to be in good homes. I do such nice work, it seems a shame for all of it to just sit here in storage when people could be enjoying it.

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One Comment

    Briana Blair

    I’m amazed and very happy. I actually accomplished everything on my agenda for the day and I’m even planning on making a second necklace tonight 🙂 Yay! I love crafting!

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