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Chill Out And Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labor

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Mixed Fruit Bird - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Mixed Fruit Bird - Image: Public Domain, PixabayI’ve already written seven posts today and done other work related stuff as well, but there was this voice in the back of my head telling me that I needed to do more. “You didn’t get any jewelry posted!” “You didn’t do anything with Zazzle!” “You don’t have posts to fill the weekend!” Oh yeah, it’s really trying to nag at me and get me to go to that workaholic place.

The thing is, seven posts plus the other things I did is a respectable amount of work for the day. I didn’t slack off or goof around. I got a lot done. I don’t “need” to do more. That’s just that workaholic thing kicking in. I did more work today than a lot of people with “real” jobs, so I have nothing to feel bad about. Sure, there are days when I do more, but that doesn’t mean that I need to do that much every day.

What I need to do is listen to the other voice in my head that says “You should take a break and do something you like”, because that voice is much smarter. It knows that in order to be talented and productive, you have to give yourself breaks and reward yourself for the work that you’ve done. You have to feel good about what you do and not stay perpetually depressed because you could have done more.

Sure, I could have done more. I could still be working right now. Instead, I decided to go play some Bubble Spinner. The fact that I got an idea for an article is cool, and so I’m doing it, but I didn’t have to, and if nothing had come to me I could still be happy with my day. If I blew off the urge to take a break and just kept working, I’d get tired and cranky and it could ruin my day.

I’m even learning to take mini-breaks during the day. Sometimes I’ll head over to Pinterest for a bit or maybe let myself wander off on some interesting things I found while Googling for an article. It’s good to let your mind wander a little and have some rest. Constantly flogging yourself into doing more and more doesn’t make anyone really happy. It’s not healthy either.

The other thing is, if you’re always working and not taking any time to enjoy yourself, then what the hell is all the working for? You need to enjoy your life now, not after retirement. Life isn’t about working yourself near to death and accumulating money and stuff until you’re too old and then thinking you’ll take the time to have some fun. No, you’ve got to enjoy each day. You need to work, but you also need to live.

This is one of those things that’s been a hard lesson for me to learn, but I keep working on it because I know it’s true. I’m happier and make more money when I intersperse business with pleasure, and when I just let go at the end of the day, whenever I decide that will be. Work is good, fun is good, but they all need to be in balance.

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