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I Can’t Wait To Get These Jewelry Listings Finished

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Elvalien Blue Twist Earrings - Image: © Briana Blair
Posted by / March 7, 2014 / 2 Comments

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Elvalien Blue Twist Earrings - Image: © Briana BlairEvery day I’ve been trying to get 5 jewelry items listed in my shop on Bonanza. I’ve got 37 live and two more in progress with about 20 more to go. I’ll be very happy when I have all of them listed. I’m really hoping that things will sell this time around and that I can start getting these beautiful pieces out of storage and into the hands of people who will love them.

There are a few reasons that I’ll be glad when listing this first batch is done. For one thing it’ll mean a better inventory at Bonanza. The more I have listed, the better the chance is that someone will see my work and come to my shop. The second is that I have other inventory that needs to be photographed and listed, but I don’t want to do that until I get up what I already have prepared.

Of course the biggest reason is that I want to get back to making stuff. I’ve missed being creative and crafty. I stopped doing it because I was getting so much stuff built up and not selling it that it was really depressing. I want to get back to it and just have the faith that it will all sell and I’ll get a return on my time and be able to afford to keep making more. I really enjoy crafting so much.

I don’t have the materials to make too many more sets of earrings, which kind of stinks because those are my favorite. However, I do think that I could make some necklaces and bracelets and that would be cool too. Maybe I can even come up with some other things to make. I’ve never done too much outside of jewelry, but I can always learn.

Crafts fill my days Crafters T-Shirt I do have some materials sitting here that I really need to figure out what to do with. I have a crapload of plastic beads that need to become something not tacky, and a whole roll of wire that’s too small for what I wanted it for, but it needs to become something awesome. It’s been so long since I did any crafting that I’m drawing a blank, but I’m sure that eventually I’ll come up with something very cool.

I really hope that this will be the time that selling my jewelry and crafts will take off for me. I’m a talented artisan and I sell my stuff for less than what I should, so it really ought to be doing well. Sometimes I think I should listen to all the successful people who told me to charge more and that would make people buy it. It just seems wrong though. Yes, my time and effort is valuable, but I can’t imagine people paying the prices I’ve been told I should charge. I wouldn’t even pay the prices I’ve been told my work was worth.

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    Yes, you definitely undercharge. I’d only under-price things you really need to move, but the more delicate pieces you shouldn’t budge on the price 🙂

      Briana Blair

      I just worry that the “industry standard” pricing would be more than people would want to pay. At $15/hr + materials or even materials x 3, my earrings would start at $20 and go up from there.

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