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Have Shoe Designers Lost Their Minds?

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Shoes Boots - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Posted by / February 27, 2014 / 1 Comments

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Shoes Boots - Image: Public Domain, PixabayI have been looking at the shoes I see people wearing on TV, and the ones I see on Pinterest, and I’m wondering what these designers are thinking. I swear they don’t actually expect people to walk in them, and they’re trying to go as ugly as possible.

Have you noticed that if you watch women in a lot of these new designer shoes that they can’t stand up straight? They’re constantly wobbling and they walk oddly. I’m not surprised that some crazy person has come up with surgeries to remove your little toe or inject padding into your feet, because these shoes can’t possibly be comfortable.

Look at these things:


Giuseppe Zanotti Design studded sculpted wedge platform. How do you even walk in those? How do you stand? And who would wear something that ugly, especially for $1,553.40?


Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoes. Hey, the first model broke an ankle in these, but that’s no big, right? Seriously?

Devious Ballet Spike Heels. Yeah, this was a fantastic idea. Everyone should wear these. Not.


Punitive Rancho Pony shoes. Because you really want to be a horse, not a woman, right?


Platforms and heels just keep getting higher. Who cares if you’ll need ankle surgery after wearing these!

Of course, the craziest thing I’ve seen lately is these Leanie van der Vyver monstrosities:

I know designers try to be all inventive and unique and all, but really ladies, why do you do this to yourselves? Yes, I own some high heeled shoes and boots and I love them, but I’d never go so far that I’m risking my health for some butt-ugly shoes. If I feel even the slightest bit unstable, I don’t buy the shoes. I don’t buy things that pinch, cramp or otherwise hurt. Why does anyone?

It’s just so stupid. I can’t stand people who say “beauty is pain” because it shouldn’t be. Cripes, we think foot binding in Asia is horrific, but look at what women are willingly doing to themselves! Are you kidding me? This isn’t fashion or beauty it’s harming your body for the sake of impressing… Who exactly? People who don’t actually matter? Because really, anyone who truly cares about you doesn’t care if you’re in the latest fashion oddity or if you’re barefoot in sweats, they still love you. Anyone who matters will also not want you hurting yourself over something as ridiculous as clothing or accessories.

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One Comment

    Eric Peacock

    I see a woman in shoes like this and I don’t think she’s sexy, I think she’s mentally damaged and soon to be crippled.

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