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I Need A New Body And An Affiliate Partner

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Woman Body Fitness Exercise - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Posted by / February 25, 2014 / 0 Comments

Woman Body Fitness Exercise - Image: Public Domain, PixabayYesterday I decided that I was going to do some stretching. I pulled out my yoga mat and started some slow stretching. It was a little uncomfortable, but I know my whole body is tight, so I expected that. I went very slowly so I wouldn’t hurt myself, breathing into my movements and staying relaxed. I thought I was doing a good thing.

Today I feel like I’ve been seriously abused. My wrists, ankles and back hurt quite a bit. I didn’t even want to get out of bed but I knew I had to. It did take me an extra 20 minutes to work up the ambition. There’s really no reason I should hurt this much. It makes me wish that I could just trade in this body for a new one. Unfortunately, that’s not an option.

I guess all I can do is deal with the pain and do more stretching and exercise. If I stop I won’t get any better. Keeping on will cause more pain, but there really aren’t any other options. I can’t stand being stiff and weak and having normal activities hurt. I guess I have to choose the reason for my pain and accept it. At least if I keep trying to make my body better, eventually it will be, but if I do nothing, I’ll just keep falling apart.

I also wish I had a Zazzle Affiliate partner. At least that one is possible. I’d love to have someone who’s good at promotion and social networks to spread my products around the internet. They’d make 15% or more and I’d make money too, so it’s a win/win. If anyone’s interested in that, please do contact me. We have loads of stuff in the store already and more coming, so you’d have plenty of stuff to share and talk about.

A lot of successful POD sellers have people affiliating their stuff, so that is something that I’d like to have. I know that people will randomly stumble onto my items in the marketplace and promote them, but it would be particularly awesome if someone was specifically promoting my shop. heck even if you just want to put a widget on your website for us, that would be cool. Anything to get the momentum up would be fantastic.

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