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How Can I Make This Blog More Uplifting And Fun?

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I love writing and I love helping people. Unfortunately, writing a self-help blog involves tackling a lot of heavy topics. While it’s true that we need to know what’s wrong in our lives and in ourselves and work to change it, if all we ever focus on is the problems it can get to be a bit much. We also need to have joy and laughter and happiness in our lives. After all, the point is to become the best people that we can be, not to become hypercritical of ourselves to the point of depression.

So I keep wondering what I could do here on the blog to break up the heaviness of all the personal development information and bring some joy into your lives, and also my own. Truth be told, helping others can be quite a drain on the person doing it if that’s all they ever think about. I have this feeling of love for all people, and I want you all to become glowing, amazing examples of humanity, but the broken nature of our society makes that a rather daunting task. I need more happy in my life and so do you.

Do you have any suggestions for how I can bring some light into this blog? A while back I posted some cute animal photos, and that’s not a bad way to interject some brightness, but there needs to be more. What kind of things would uplift and inspire you? What types of content would be within the theme of the blog, but at the same time be a positive break from all the important articles? In the long term, I’d like to do a mix of important self-help content, poetry, and uplifting or fun content. Life is, after all, about balance.

I’d really appreciate it if all of you who read this today share your ideas. Let me know what you think. I want to create a place that you want to return to every day, that not only helps you be a better person, but helps you to feel better about yourself and the world around you. I want you to be happy and inspired so that you actually want to stay on the path to self-improvement. Thank you in advance for any ideas or suggestions.

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