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You Can Help Us Have An Abundant Life

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Deciding to leave paid writing sites and forge my own path was a big risk. When you set out on your own there’s always a chance that you may fail. I believe however, that if you have a good plan, faith in yourself and your work, and you put in the time and effort, success will surely follow. I believe that taking my writing career into my own hands on my own site is the best long-term choice. it gives me a lot of freedom and flexibility, and more room for growth than any paid-to-write site could ever offer me.

The big stumbling block for most people starting their own sites is getting all that great writing you do in front of the eyes of readers. No amount of ads or affiliate links on your site is going to matter if no one’s seeing them. That’s where you come in, dear readers. You can help the blogs and sites you love become more successful, and it doesn’t cost you a single penny. I’m really hoping that what readers I have now will see this and they’ll give me the gift of a helping hand.

People share things online every day, and there’s really no easier or cheaper way for you to help a site that you enjoy. For a start-up such as myself, having content shared on social networks is a wonderful way for us to get introduced to more readers and gain the popularity that we need to survive and become profitable. Every time you share a post you like on social networks like FaceBook, Twitter,, Tumblr, Google Plus or Pinterest, you’re spreading the word and helping the writer. It’s a fantastic way to show your appreciation for what you’re reading, and help that writer be more successful. I really hope that my readers are out there sharing this site and various posts on it. We’ve only been running since November, so we’re still at that stage where every share is important. More shares means more chance that we’ll become profitable enough to keep doing what we love to do. So let me thank each and every one of you who shares anything from this site. I hope you do it often. every little bit helps. The more you share, the more likely it is that I can keep producing content and helping to make the world a better place, one small bit at a time.

Of course, if you want to do more, there’s no such thing as too much help. I’m grateful for anything and everything that fans do. If you want to link to this blog from your own site, awesome. If you want to write a post about me or the site, thank you! If you want to print flyers or cards and disperse them where you live, go for it! If you want, you can even let me know so I can offer personal thanks, or keep it to yourself and just enjoy the knowledge that you’re helping someone do a good thing for the world and live their dream at the same time. This is really what I want to do, I love writing and helping people, but it takes a pretty large fan base to make that a success.

I’m actually glad to see our stats at 50-100 views a day, but I know that we need a lot more than that. I really do appreciate every single share, link, blog post and other piece of help that people offer. If enough people share, I know that the popularity of this site can grow quickly. Of course, If you want to be a bit more direct with your help, you can always use those nifty Flattr buttons on our posts or make a donation (there are prizes!). We’ve had some awesome people over the years make donations to help us keep going with our past sites. You could become one of them.

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