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An Apology To My Readers, And A New Content Rule

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Posted by / December 18, 2013 / 2 Comments

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Image: Public Domain, Clker

First off, I want to apologize to anyone who may have been caught off guard or offended by the two poems that went up yesterday. I’m so used to just putting up the poetry, that I wasn’t really thinking about how the content of those particular pieces might affect people. I’m very sorry for that.

I edited both of those posts today, and I have decided on a new rule for the blog. If any post contains what might be considered as upsetting content, I’ll be placing a content warning at the top so you have fair warning.

I figured out a way to ensure that if you’re subscribed via email, you’ll only see the warning and have to click through to the site and scroll down a bit to read the piece. I’m not sure how it will appear in the RSS feed, but hopefully it will provide fair warning there too.

The next few poems in the series are probably going to get the new warning. I must have been in a really strange mental place when I wrote them. I usually don’t swear that much in my poetry. Even one of the positive ones coming up is worded in a way that makes me wonder what I was thinking. But, it’s all part of the series, all part of the progression, and I did promise quite some time back that I was going to post all of my poetry for people to read.

Luckily, this rugged writing was just a temporary thing. There won’t be a lot of it. I hope you’ll all keep reading and just try not to think too much about the ones that are really out there. The better stuff, the kind of work you’re used to, will be coming back.

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    I appreciate the warning. I know you well enough to know better. But some new readers might have been scared off, thus my little friendly warning 😀

      Briana Blair

      I appreciate what you said. It brought something to my attention and caused me to fix it. Thank you.

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