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The Joy Of Giving Free Eggs (And Other Things)

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Okay, not those kind of eggs, that would just be weird. [smiles] I’m actually talking about Hatchlings eggs. In case you’re not familiar, Hatchlings is a FaceBook game where you hunt for, collect and share eggs and the creatures in them. It’s a fun little game and a relaxing way to spend some time now and then. In the game there are various types of eggs ranging from Common to Super Rare. When I play, if I find a Super Rare that I already have, I usually offer it up to my network. Well, in November there was a special event and it enabled me to get a lot of Super Rare eggs. I decided to do something a little different with them.

Every time I got a Super Rare egg, instead of giving it to my network, I’d give it to a friend on my list. I kept giving eggs until I’d given one to every person on my list, then I started from the top and ran the cycle again. I did that for several days. I felt like Santa Clause! It was so much fun for me to give out those special eggs to people, and I bet for a lot of them it was a nice surprise to get those rare Hatchlings eggs without asking. Even if they didn’t need the eggs for their personal collection, they could re-gift them to their own friends or network.

There was just something wonderful in the feeling of giving people something. It didn’t cost me anything but a few seconds of my time, and it made me feel good. I was thanked many times, so obviously I was making others happy too. The feeling that I got from that simple act is something that I wish more people could experience. Unfortunately, even when the act costs them nothing, many people won’t give. It’s strange and sad to me, but people seem to have this aversion to helping others, as if it’s some great hassle or they lose something from doing it. That’s a mentality I’d like to see change.

I can’t count the number of times that I have given to someone. I’m not rich, so it’s rarely money, but when there’s something I can do to help someone else and it doesn’t cost money, I usually jump on it. I mean, who wouldn’t want to help another person when it’s totally free to you, right? You feel good, they feel good, it’s all good. Somehow many people don’t feel that way. For me, I’m always willing to give a few minutes of my time to help someone. I’ve clicked links, shared content, talked about things and taken various other actions that helped people. My time is important, but I’ve never been so busy that I couldn’t find a minute or two in the course of my day to do some little thing to help another get ahead.

I’m also willing to give without being asked, like with the eggs. Sure, that’s not going to put food in their stomach or money in their bank account, but it is going to make them feel good, so it’s worth it. Sometimes giving a gift in a game, posting an image to someone’s FaceBook profile or sending someone a joke in an email can really brighten their day and make them feel just that little bit happier. Everyone wins. Why wouldn’t you do that? And when someone legitimately needs help and you can give it without spending a dime or giving up a possession, why on Earth wouldn’t you do it? I don’t like to say unkind words about people, but to me that’s an incredibly selfish way to behave. There’s no good reason for you to not give up a couple of minutes of your day to help someone.

Overall, I just want people to think about someone other than themselves. Experience the joy of giving. If you can give money or items or food, that’s awesome. If you can’t, there are still other ways to give. Even the poorest person can offer a few moments of their time, and a good person will, without question. Society has given us the “look out for #1” mentality, and we think that we and our time are too precious to “waste” on others. That’s just wrong thinking as far as I’m concerned. I believe in giving every chance you get. It just makes the world a better place. So next time you see an opportunity to help someone for free, do it. Just do it. Take the few minutes and help another person. See how good it feels to know that you did something good for someone else. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it and want to do it more.

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