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Nutrition, Happiness And Why I Didn’t Get Sick

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Posted by / December 9, 2013 / 3 Comments

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Image: © Briana Blair

Image: © Briana Blair

I share my home with Eric, his mom, and our uncle. In years past if one person got sick, everyone got sick. Uncle C was usually the only exception, since he seems to have an unnaturally strong immune system. If C gets sick, it’s usually something particularly heinous, and the rest of us are all going to catch it in turn. Interestingly enough, that didn’t happen this time.

When C got sick two weeks ago and it was so bad he had to stay in bed, we knew it was serious. It took him most of the week to get better. Just as he was recovering, mom took sick. She got hit hard and is still not well. However, through all of this, Eric and I never got so much as a sniffle. Even though we were running ragged working on the blog, taking care of the house, helping mom and not sleeping well, we haven’t gotten even the slightest bit ill. Now, there was a good amount of positive self-talk between the two of us that we were not going to allow ourselves to get sick, but I think there was more to our immunity than just words.

Early in the summer Eric and I decided to give up most processed foods. We started off by ditching the microwave meals that had become such a large part of our diet. We then turned away from canned vegetables, and over time came to a point where about 95% or more of what we eat is fresh and from scratch. We noticed that we lost weight, had more energy and felt much healthier. We both love cooking and eating, so it didn’t hurt that it all tastes so much better than all that processed junk. This year has also been a time of change in other ways. Eric and I both took steps to change our outlook on the world and our reactions to it. We made shifts in how we live our day-to-day lives, as well as how we work. These changes led us to feeling much less stressed and happier than we’d been in a long time.

I believe that the combination of eating healthier and being less stressed has led to our ability to evade the sickness that’s going around. There’s actually medical research to prove that both things are true, but a lot of people simply refuse to believe it. They think that if someone near them gets sick, they’ll get sick too. Some even believe that there are certain times of the year where getting sick is just inevitable. It’s simply not true. Everything we do or don’t do has an effect on our bodies and our immune systems. Taking better care of ourselves is just a no-brainer. If you want to stay healthy, you have to change the way you live and the way you think.

Now, I do believe that our state of mind definitely played into things. We never let ourselves think that we’d get sick. We kept talking about how we were immune, and it would pass us by. I have no doubt that how you think about things affects how they play out. If we’d worried about getting sick and talked about getting sick, we probably would have gotten sick, even with the low-stress, healthy eating lifestyle. I think that things played out the way they did as a result of everything working hand-in-hand. We eat right, keep the stress down, and keep our minds in the right place. All together, it makes both our bodies and minds stronger.

If by some chance you haven’t gotten around to eating right and taking care of yourself, now is a great time to start. It’s really not as hard as some people make it out to be. You can make the changes gradually, and believe me, you’ll be glad that you did.

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    Briana Blair

    I just saw this quote in an email, and it seemed appropriate for this post:

    “A person who is low-spirited or inharmonious will contract a cold; a happy, fearless person will be immune to germs. For example, a woman goes out in cold weather in evening clothes—lightly clad—but is quite comfortable, for she feels she is looking well and is filled with anticipation for a happy evening. If the same woman is dressed in an unbecoming gown or in a bad humor, she will come back complaining of a cold and discomfort and have a cough the next day. A harmonious person is never vibrating at the same rate as a germ.” – Florence Scovel Shinn


    I get sick all the time. I expect it. If someone near me is sick, I absolutely know I will be sick soon. And I am. Maybe I had better start to think positively the other way and believe I will NOT get sick. That and eat less processed foods which I have been promising I will do anyway.

      Briana Blair

      I absolutely believe that if you eat right and think right your health will improve. Eric and I aren’t the only ones I’ve seen pull it off. Other people who do the same have the same experience. I highly recommend cutting out the processed foods and getting yourself into a healthier mindset.
      As for the foods, we actually saved money when we switched away from processed foods and started buying fresh. Just stay away from things marked “healthy” or sold in the specialty section, they cost a fortune. Just buy real veggies and meat and you’ll be good to go.

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