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Is Your Entertainment Uplifting Or Depressing?

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Posted by / November 28, 2013 / 2 Comments

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I was just sitting here going through my feeds from sites like KarmaTube, Only Positive News and Upworthy. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes after listening to a particularly touching video, and it really got me to thinking.

It’s not uncommon for people these days to spend anywhere from one hour to several hours every day reading things on FaceBook, looking at things on the internet or watching things on television. Most of what these people take into their minds and lives is negativity. They’re watching or reading the news, looking at celebrity gossip or watching shows that do nothing to uplift or even educate them. What’s more is that most people see absolutely nothing wrong with this way of being.

For me, it’s very different. I long ago gave up newspapers and the news. I never watched what most people refer to when they talk about “reality” television. I began avoiding negativity as much as possible. Some may call it “knowing what’s going on”, but I call it being forced to endure the negative information society wants us to see. Over time, I’ve become much more mindful of what I watch on television and what I look at on the internet.

That’s why I’m subscribed to things like KarmaTube. I want to read and watch and be both entertained and educated, but I want what I take in to be meaningful. Yes, I still enjoy my sci-fi and fiction, but when I take in information about the world, I want to see the best that the world has to offer, not the worst. I want to be inspired and uplifted, not depressed and angry.

I have often said that I highly recommend for people to stop paying attention to the mass media news, celebrity gossip and mind-lowering television. I absolutely believe in that. I also believe that it’s a good idea to replace those influences with better ones. What you take in every day affects how you think and who you are. Don’t you want to be the best person possible? Don’t you want to live in the best possible world? If so, then you should always be mindful of how you inform and educate yourself so that you are always in control, rather than relinquishing control to mass media and a broken society.

What positive information and entertainment sites do you frequent? What are your favorite uplifting or educational shows? I’d love for you to share.

To close this post I’m going to share that video with you, the one that touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes before I began writing this piece.

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    Awesome song. We need more uplifting music like that.

      Briana Blair

      It is awesome, isn’t it? I’d love to find more songs like that.

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