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Using Pinterest as a Vision Board

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I’m planning to start using Pinterest as a vision board in addition to the other uses I have for it. In case you don’t know, a vision board is a collection of images that motivate and inspire you into going after your goals and making them real. Many people use Pinterest to collect things they dream about, but a vision board is more specific, and really something to help you get what you want.

Right now what I want more than anything is a home of my own. Somehow I managed to get myself into an emotional space where I am totally thrilled about this and I believe that it’s going to be true soon. I will have my new home, and it’s not going to be long off. I have no idea how everything will come together, but it’s going to, so I want to be prepared.

What I want to do at Pinterest is set up boards for each room of my new home and fill each board with items that I’ll need for that room. I’ll make them link to things I can buy whenever possible so It can act like a shopping list later. However, the main point of it is to create a virtual walkthrough of the home I want. I’ll be able to open each board and look through all the things I’ll have in that room, and really get into the feeling of having it all and being there.

I think these boards will be both practical and fun. I believe that staying in this jazzed, happy place is really going to make this a reality. I’m nearly giddy at the thought of having my own home in 2014. And when I have it, the Pinterest boards will make it super easy for me to get all the things I need to turn a house into a home.

There’s an official Vision Board site, but honestly I like Pinterest better. It’s more user friendly, prettier and just a lot more fun. I’m hoping I can get Eric in on this. I know for him though, there’s going to have to be another board for cool extras, he’s so about the decorative and bonus items! [smiles]

If you’re following me on Pinterest you’ll be able to see the boards, because I’m going to leave them public. Why not share the joy and prep?

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