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The Featured Creature – A New Internet Addiction

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Yesterday I stumbled across something on FaceBook, and it was all I could do to tear myself away. I saw an ad on the side under “Pages you might like” and it was for The Featured Creature. Being a nature and oddity lover, I decided to go check it out. Oh my god, I got so sucked in!

The FaceBook page is here: Featured Creature on FaceBook and the official site is here: The Featured Creature . This site is so amazing! I could sit here all day looking at and reading about all the amazing things she has on her site. It features some of the rarest, coolest and most unique creatures on Earth. Bugs, mammals, fish, birds, you name it, if it’s odd, it’s on there.

The Brazilian Pinkbloom Tarantula looks too amazing to be real. The Belly Dancing Lilac-Breasted Roller is like an explosion of avian beauty. The close-ups of the Madagascan Sunset Moth are breathtaking. The Panda Pied Python… I so want one! The site is just full of amazing creatures and facts about them.

I have always been fascinated with nature, and frankly, I don’t understand people who aren’t. Nature has created some of the most bizarre, beautiful and amazing creations. People are boring in comparison to all the incredible things swimming, flying, walking and slithering across this planet. How many humans can glow in the dark or turn their stomachs inside out or eat three times their body weight a day and still stay fit? Yeah, people have nothing on the rest of the species out there.

So, if you want to get sucked into critter coolness for like, the rest of the week, [laughs] go to this site. It rocks. And the web site is better than the FaceBook page. Less people stuff and more about the animals. I don’t know how they manage to collect all this awesome animal knowledge and the great photos, but it’s amazing.

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