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My Air Plants Should Be Here Soon

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Image: Tillandsia Ionantha

Image: Tillandsia Ionantha

Last month I wrote about how I’d made my own terrarium out of a fish bowl. The green leafy stuff is pretty much all dead because I washed off all the dirt it was growing in and it never took to the potting soil. Lesson learned: don’t traumatize plants like that.

Well, I still want a terrarium, so I decided to order some air plants. Tillandsia Ionantha to be exact. They’re supposed to be easy to take care of and hard to kill. They look beautiful too. I can’t wait for them to get here.

According to the description on the Amazon listing and reviews, they’ll be tiny babies when I get them. I’m fine with that. Apparently half the fun of owning them is watching them grow and bloom. They’ll be small and green and plain at first, but over the coming months they’ll grow and gain color and then bloom, and eventually produce “pups”. Pups are baby plants that I can either leave attached to the mother or take off and put in new arrangements.

I will probably only be able to fit two in the bowl terrarium, so the others are going to go into glasses filled with decorative stones. I’m going to put one on my altar and the other either on the vanity or on my night stand. I’m really eager to get them and then watch them grow and change. As you can see from the photo, they’re going to be pretty amazing when they reach adulthood.

I love the idea of having more plants. My coleus is looking a bit scrawny, but my pothos and spider plant are doing really well. My terrarium needs help, but I did learn a lot from making it. The air plants will be a new adventure. It’ll be great to have some more color and life in the house.

Oh, and yesterday I got a big string of blue holiday lights that I’m going to put near my altar, and I bet the plant and glass will look really cook under that light. Which reminds me, I need to go get them hung tonight!

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