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Little Gifts: The Publix Chef and Free Spoons

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Saturday we went to do our weekly grocery shopping. We always stop by the cooking kiosk to see if there are any recipes we’re interested in. This week’s stop was a bit different than usual.

When we got to the store the lady was just setting up and said it would be about 45 minutes for her to finish the meal. We went about our shopping and just as we were about to head to the checkout an announcement came over the speakers that samples were now being served. We made our way over to the kiosk to try the meal.

We’ve gotten to where we chat with this lady every time we go shopping. Sadly, I’ve never thought to ask her name, I need to do that next time. Anyway, she’s always helpful and friendly and we’ve exchanged cooking tips. She says she loves having that job. When she was setting out the samples I saw that she was placing little plastic spoons in each paper bowl. I’ve been looking everywhere for those, as I need them for Christmas.

I looked and excitedly asked “Oh, does Publix carry those spoons now?”
“No.” she replied.
“Oh bother. I need some for Christmas.”
“How many do you need?”
“About 30.”
“Hold on, I might be able to help you with that.” I was puzzled. I took my portion of the chili and apple crisp and Eric and I waited while she set up her table full of sample plates. When she was done she pulled out a baggie and pushed a handful of the small plastic spoons into it. She sealed it and held it out to me.

I was shocked. She smiled and said that if they weren’t running short, they were allowed to give things away. (The previous week she’d loaded us up on sample portions of chicken so it wouldn’t go to waste, and we chatted while we ate.) I smiled and thanked her. We talked a bit more before we headed off to the checkout.

It was so nice of her to help like that. She’s always friendly and interactive, but this was a surprise. She gave me nearly 50 spoons. I now have more than I need for my Christmas project, and I won’t have to order 100 and pay shipping from Amazon. I was so happy and grateful. I guess it pays to always be friendly and polite to people when you go out, you never know how it might come back to you. [smiles]

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