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YouTube Yoga Sessions Day 14-21 Update

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Another week has gone by. Has it been that long already? I guess it has!

Well, I’ve been keeping up with my routines. As I mentioned in my last update, when I don’t do my yoga, I really start to ache, so I need to keep up with it. Luckily, when I stay at it each day, I feel a lot less overall pain. I used to have a lot of aches and pains and popping joints, but doing the yoga regularly really seems to be helping me with that.

I’m only sore for an hour or so after my routines now. That’s so good! I hurt a bit and know I did something, but it’s not really bad like it was in the beginning. I’m definitely getting stronger. Some of the poses are starting to get easier for me, and that’s another good thing. I still have trouble with my legs, but the rest of my body is starting to get the hang of it all. I’m happy about that.

I’ve also managed to convince Eric to help me a bit. He came in with me last night to do my routine. He mostly stood there watching and learning and offering support. He had a bigger purpose though. I asked him to look at me and make sure I have proper form. Every once in a while he’d step over and tell me to move this or that a little because I was a bit off. Apparently, my form is getting better though and he didn’t need to help much.

Well, that was until I got into one of the poses where I had to stand on one foot. I was falling over. He tried putting me in proper form and it only made me feel more unstable. I really have no balance at all. Do any of you have any tips for learning balance? As I mentioned some time back, I am trying to strengthen weak ankles. My weak ankles make it really hard for me to stand and have balance. There’s also a pose where you’re down on one foot with a leg behind you, and I fall over in that pose too. How does one gain balance?

Overall I’m happy to be making progress though. I’m sure I’ll get it all worked out. I don’t think I’ve ever stuck with any fitness routine this long (3 weeks) except when I was going nuts on the elliptical because I was 30 pounds overweight. And I hated that. The yoga I’m starting to like. I feel like as i get better I’ll be more graceful and beautiful, and I really like that.

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