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No More Eye Strain! Thank You Color That Site!

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Screenshot: Bubblews

Screenshot: Bubblews

Back on the 11th I wrote about a Firefox plugin that I’d found. Color That site! Allows you to change the colors of any website and save the template so that you can read sites more easily. I used it to recolor Bubblews and Google, the two sites that I use the most.

I noticed right away that I seemed to be having an easier time reading the sites. Looking at Google Drive and Bubblews wasn’t so painful. Now that I’ve had the plugin running for over a week, I can tell you that it’s made a huge difference. I can sit here all day and do my work, and I no longer get headaches. My eyes don’t hurt and get blurry anymore. It’s great!

Screenshot: Google Drive

Screenshot: Google Drive

I wish I’d found this plugin ages ago, but I’m glad I have it now. It makes things so much easier and it’s such a blessing to be able to do my work without being in pain and damaging my eyes. I know a lot of people prefer light text on a dark background, and this plugin can do that, but I learned from my Kindle app that sepia is awesome, that’s why I chose this color scheme for my use. This is so easy on my eyes. I never have to struggle to read anymore.

Screenshot: Google Search

Screenshot: Google Search

You can get the FireFox plugin here: Color That Site and there’s something similar for Chrome, but by a different developer: Change Colors . It’s no surprise to me at all that there’s nothing like these for IE. But it’s Internet Exploder, we should expect more? I’m not sure if the Chrome one is good, but it might be enough to help some people.

I’m just so glad that I don’t need to worry about my eyes now. I was starting to freak a little, thinking that I might need glasses. I can’t express how grateful I am to find that it was just work-related eye strain that I can now eliminate. A free plugin is far better than several hundred dollars for eye exams and glasses!


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