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Spotify And some Interesting New Music: Sa Dingding

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Image: Creative Commons, Sa Dingding by emilysnow

Image: Creative Commons, Sa Dingding by emilysnow

A while back some people on FaceBook turned me on to Spotify as a way to find more music that was like certain artists that I enjoy. I actually liked the program, and I’ve been using it on my computer for a couple of weeks now. I recently decided that having a random playlist of music was too distracting for me while I work, so I took a song I like and decided to make a radio station.

When you make a station, Spotify takes the one song and begins offering you other songs by that artist and other artists. You can rate them up or down to refine the station to just the kind of music you want. I wanted something that was interesting but not too distracting, so I took “In the Garden of Souls” by Vas and started a station with it. For the most part Spotify has done a great job of making the station something great to listen to.

This station has introduced me to new artists like Stellamara, Delerium (who I’d heard of, but never really listened to), Metisse, Anoushka Shankar, Azam Ali (Who’s actually the lead singer of Vas), Niyaz (Which seems to be an offshoot of Vas) and others. I love that I’m getting to listen to some other similar artists, and also hearing more from a band I already love.

Most recently Spotify offered me two songs by Sa DingDing. I liked “Holy Incense“. I thought one of the voices was a bit odd, but overall I liked it. Right now I have it paused on “Yun Yun Nan Nan” because I want to replay it. I think I like it, and yet I’m not sure. the female lead has a very high, childlike voice. It’s almost annoying but somehow pleasant at the same time. I think I may end up liking it. I know I like the sound of the music.

I’m really enjoying Spotify and I’m glad that I was told about it. It’s doing really well on this station too. Unfotunately, the station I tried to create using Claire Voyant’s “Time and the Maiden” didn’t work out as well. For some reason it kept suggesting horrible German metal music. I think I need to work on that one, or let it expire and try a new one. the Vas station is great though, and gives me something really nice to listen to while I’m working.


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