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Dreaming of New Teeth and Bubblews

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Image: Public Domain Pixabay

Image: Public Domain Pixabay

I had an interesting dream last night. I can tell I spend a lot of time at Bubblews, because the whole dream revolved around writing an article.

I dreamed that I was sitting here at my desk excitedly writing an article for Bubblews. I actually heard all the content of the article in my head. I could feel the excitement of it, so it was kind of neat. I was writing a post about how I was growing new teeth. “I’m Actually Growing New Teeth!” was the title of the post, and I was happily typing away telling the Bubbling world my amazing story.

The photo for the article was of a tooth. One of my teeth. It was kind of gross because it was a photo of a tooth that was kind of rotten with a big hole in it. I have that tooth in the rear upper-right of my mouth right now. In the dream, it had fallen out, root and all, just like a baby tooth would fall out. that would have just been odd, but I was getting to the really cool part.

I then started typing about how the tooth had fallen out, and a new tooth was growing in its place. a beautiful, healthy tooth was filling in the spot where the rotten tooth had been. I couldn’t get the camera into my mouth for a photo of that, but I assured people it was the absolute truth. I was so excited about the whole thing.

I went on to tell the story of a guy I used to know back when I was selling on Bidville who was in his 80’s and dumbfounded his dentist because he started growing new teeth. That’s actually a true story, the guy’s name was Billy and I thought it was amazing when he told me about it. I proceeded to end the article with my hopes that my other bad teeth would fall out and be replaced by healthy teeth.

I have long dreamed of something like this happening to me. It’s incredibly rare for adults to grow new teeth, but there are documented cases of it, and i personally knew someone that it happened to, so I’ve always had some hope. Maybe this dream is a sign of things to come. How cool would it be if my bad teeth fell out and healthy ones grew in instead?

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