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A Fun And Free Game: Zombie Defense Agency

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As Eric and also a fellow Bubbler recently pointed out, we all need to take a break sometimes. I’m not as good at it as I ought to be, but I do take time off. When I do, I often enjoy playing little games online. One of the handful that I have bookmarked is Zombie Defense agency.

I think it was Eric that got me hooked on this game at MindJolt. It’s a fairly simple tower defense game, but it’s enjoyable to play over and over again. You get a variety of towers and it’s your job to defend the exit so that none of the zombies escape. Now, I think they look a lot more like little aliens than they do zombies, but they’re still interesting and the graphics are done well.

So, you can place the various towers around the playing board and they will fire on the zombies. The towers have different effects (and side-effects) and you can unlock up to five levels of upgrades as you play. You can also unlock new towers and more money to start each round with. It all sounds very easy, but it quickly becomes a worthy challenge.

Screenshot: Zombie Defense Agency

Screenshot: Zombie Defense Agency

It takes time to learn where to put the towers, and you get to develop your own strategies on that. You will also need to learn how the towers affect the zombies, and which towers work best in what areas on what levels. Some levels you’ll play many times over and over before you finally figure out a good way to defend it. Level 13 is especially heinous, and I can’t even remember how many times I had to replay that level before I beat it.

There are 15 levels, but you can keep replaying over and over, building up better guns, more money, and refining your strategies. I have played it so many times it’s impossible to keep track, and I still have fun with it. It’s one of my favorite MindJolt games. if you want to play, check it out here: Zombie Defense Agency



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