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Helping People Can Be an Uphill Battle

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Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Wanting to help the world might just be one of the most insanity inducing goals a person could have. For every one person that hears your message and takes something good from it, there seem to be 79 people who don’t get it, 10 people who hate you for it and 10 people who give you shit for it. It’s enough to make a person lose their minds.

Oh, and there are people who say “Just give it up. let people be.” Yeah, and that’s how we got to where we are in the first place, by doing nothing. What’s that famous quote? “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” So, no, doing nothing and just letting the world be is not an option.

And it doesn’t help that there are people who fail to understand that there’s a difference between respecting people’s right to do what they want and watching as they do wrong things. I made an example in a comment that a drug dealer might like their job, that doesn’t mean that a bystander should allow them to keep doing it. There’s so much going wrong in the world, if we stand by and “respect” other people’s right to do what they want, the world is just going to go further into disarray than it already is.

It’s also made harder by the fact that the media and many years of wrong action have made that wrong action harder to see and harder to distinguish from simple personal choice. Some things that are bad for people and for society have become so commonplace that people no longer see them as wrong or harmful. they don’t see that just because something has become common, it doesn’t make it right. “Everybody’s doing it, so it must be okay.” But that’s not true.

I’ve noticed that other people who are really trying to make a change in the world have these times too. The times when they wonder why they keep doing it when there’s so much resistance and people are just walking around blindly, acting without thought. There are days for all of us when it’s all we can do to not give up and become part of the problem. For whatever reason, we keep going. We keep facing the resistance, taking the abuse and reveling in any little show of appreciation or success. It’s not an easy path to travel.

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