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YouTube Yoga Sessions Day 5 – Doing My Own Thing

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I did a regular routine yesterday but I’m really achy from that and I didn’t feel up to a full routine today, so I decided to just do my own thing.

I did 20 minutes of stretching and I also incorporated some of the moves that I’ve learned from the videos. It felt good, but I can tell I’ve put a lot of strain on my wrists lately. I’m going to have to watch that. There’s a fine line between achy because you’re getting stronger and hurting because you’ve injured yourself. I don’t want that, because it would keep me from continuing.

I find it rather annoying that I can’t sit with my legs straight out and the backs of my knees against the floor and get my back straight and perpendicular to my legs. I worked on that today though. I leaned on my arms and propped myself up at the highest angle I could get with a straight back. I breathed deep and slow, and on every out breath I inched my fingers forward a little, which stretched my back and legs. it hurt a bit, but I know it will help.

I did some stretching for my arms, neck and hips too. I went slowly, paying close attention to my form and breathing. It was challenging, but I know it will all pay off. I did have trouble going from laying flat on my back to sitting up without jerking or using my hands, but I finally managed. My legs only came off the mat a little bit.

I didn’t realize until I started yoga how much of a workout it can be just moving slowly while breathing correctly. It actually takes effort to maintain form and not be jerky and not forget to breathe. Part of me wants to do a lot more each day, but this actually takes effort, and I don’t want to injure myself, so I have to be patient. 15-20 minutes a day is good for now. (By the way, am I the only one who thinks “injure” always looks misspelled?)

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