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YouTube Yoga Sessions Day 4 – Yoga Beginners Part 2 of 5

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Yoga Woman Twist Pose - Image: Creative Commons, Wikimedia Commons
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I skipped yesterday because I was having a really rough day, but I’m back at it today with the next part in the Esther Ekhart series Yoga Beginners Part 2 of 5.

This one was much harder than what I did in my last routine. It was supposed to be “learning to flow”. basically, the idea was learning to go from one position into the next smoothly. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very smooth for me at all. I nearly fell over a few times. There’s this thing where you’re down on one knee with the other leg in front, leaning back a bit with your arms over your head. I was super wobbly during that move.

I also had some trouble going from one pose to another because my legs just don’t move like that. I couldn’t step from downward facing dog to put my foot all the way between my hands. I actually had to laugh when she said “If that’s difficult, and it could well be, that you end up here, you just help that foot up there.” and she grabs her ankle and slaps her foot up into the right position. I actually had to do that.

This session was really a challenge for me, and there SO wasn’t any flowing going on, so I think I’m going to repeat this one for a few days or until I get a lot more comfortable with it. I’m not sure how I’ll keep up with the challenge of writing about my fitness every day if I’m practicing the same routine, but I’ll figure it out. even the instructor says that this part should be practiced until you’re comfortable, so I’m going to listen to her.

It’s actually hard for me there, because I prefer variety. However, there’s no point moving forward if I can’t even do this early stuff right. I suppose I need to learn some patience and remember that repetition is how one gets good at something. You’re not likely to master something you’ve only done once.

So, for the next few days, maybe even the rest of the week, I’ll be doing this same routine until I get better at it, and I’ll find something to say that will make it worth you reading my daily fitness update. [smiles]

Oh, and for those who missed it, the full playlist of routines that I’ll be trying is located here.

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