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YouTube Yoga Sessions Day 3 – Yoga Beginners Part 1 of 5

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I did Tara Stiles videos my first two days, but today I decided to try one of the Esther Ekhart videos: Yoga Beginners Part 1 of 5. Since it’s a 5 part series, I’m going to stick with her for the full 5 days.

I like this video. Yesterday’s routine was pretty rough on me, but today’s was much better. I still have trouble getting my heels down for downward facing dog, but overall I did it much better than I had been before.

Esther really goes easy on you in her videos. (Well, this one at least) she walks you through everything and explains it well. She went from one position to the next slowly and takes a moment to explain where you need to end up, so I felt like I really had time to get my body positioned correctly (as best I can) and experience the position before she moved on. I didn’t feel rushed or awkward.

It sounds strange, but I’m actually going to have to practice mountain pose. Those of you who know about yoga are probably scratching your heads going “Really”? for the rest of you, mountain pose is just standing up. Why would anyone need to practice standing? Well, I have fallen arches and my ankles cave in. I should have had braces as a kid, but I never got them, so my feet and legs are not shaped normally. No one seems to notice but me, however, the problem is still there. Esther actually explains the specifics of how to place your feet and legs and everything for mountain pose, and it actually hurts for me. I’m hoping that over time my ankles and feet will strengthen, and maybe even reshape to be normal.

I also have trouble with my wrists in cobra and downward facing dog. My wrists are messed up from ages of typing, much of it on old manual typewriters. I’m trying not to injure myself, and hoping that over time my wrists will become stronger. Luckily, so far I’m sore after my routines, but not hurting for too long. That probably means I’m getting stronger and not really doing any damage.

Overall today’s routine was a good one. We’ll see what the full 5 days of her beginner’s series brings.

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