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Please Read the Dates in the Titles of My Poetry

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Image: © Briana Blair

Image: © Briana Blair

I’ve been noticing, based on the comments, that some people are somehow missing the dates that are posted both in the title and the body of my poems. They’re in there for a few important reasons.

I always try to put the month and year on all my work so that I can keep track of where it goes in the series. There’s actually a volume later in the series with question marks for the date because I forgot to date and sign them as I wrote them. I wish I actually knew where they fit and when they were written.

The dates are also there for all of you, so that you know when they were written. Right now I’m working on filling in volume 5, which is from 1996. The volumes are a progression through time. I was born in 1976, so if you do some math, you can figure out how old I was when the poem was written. Life was really rough for me back in the 90’s, it had ups and downs after that. The Dark Side of My Mind is basically the story of my life, told in poetry.

The thing that the comments showed me is that some people think I’m writing them NOW, and that they’re how I feel NOW. They’re not. I’m posting five poems a day and trying to catch up to current, but I’m not there yet. All the work you’re seeing is old. If you think about the dates and the things that I’ve told all of you about my past in various posts, you can actually start to piece together the story of my life in a new way.

If you keep reading the series, you’ll see how I grew and changed over the years. You’ll see me go from a victim to a survivor. You’ll see my good days and my darkest. You’ll see me tell of my thoughts on life, love, society. You’ll read tales based on the lives of myself, my acquaintances and relatives. You’ll see things inspired by movies, television, music and my dreams and nightmares. It’s quite a ride and quite educational.

Just keep in mind that it’s the tale of my past, not my present. I don’t know how long it will take to get current. If I keep up at 25 per week I think it will take 9 weeks, but I may start posting a few on the weekends too. Eventually it’ll get current, and I’m hoping that I can actually find the time and inspiration to write more poetry. I just want people to be aware that what I’m putting up right currently is the story of my past life leading up to now, not the actual present.

Hopefully this little disclaimer will help people understand what they’re reading, and get them to worry a bit less about my current mental state. I still take inspiration from darkness and hard times, but I’m not actually in that awful black place anymore. Follow along for the whole series, and you’ll see.

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