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Do You Have Alternate Reality Dreams?

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Some people might be confused by the idea of “alternate reality” and at first think that they don’t have those kind of dreams, but actually, many people do. An alternate reality is simply one that is different from the one you currently live in. If you dream of a world where you’re healthy and rich, but you’re not in this life, that’s an at alternate reality. Most of us have those dreams.

How far do you take your alternate realities? Some people have very elaborate alternate worlds. Sometimes they dream in worlds that they’ve seen in movies or on television or read about in books. Sometimes they dream in what they perceive to be an ideal version of this world. Some create their own rich fantasy worlds.

I have all of the above. I have had dreams of a “perfect” world, dreams where I live in someone else’s creation, and I have my own dream world. The ideal Earth is the hardest one for me to spend any time in, although I’d like to have more dreams there. I’d like to truly imagine what this world could be like. I’ve had plenty of dreams in Sunnydale, Storybrooke and Bon Temps. My own world is an amalgam of Earth and a selection of other fantasy worlds blended together.

I’d give just about anything to bring my own world into reality. If I had a magic lamp, One of my wishes would be to live there. Of course, I bet a lot of people out there feel the same way. In our own world, we’re everything we could ever want to be, and for those of us with creative minds, the rules of Earth and this reality need not apply, making it a much more desirable place to be. Who wouldn’t want to live in their amazing dream world?

I feel a bit sad for people who never have alternate reality dreams. If your dreams (or at least the ones you remember) only happen in the world you know, and never have fantastic elements, that’s just kind of depressing to me. I would have to wonder why that person’s mind isn’t expressing that level of creativity. Even people who are quite happy in their real lives often dream of worlds where it’s just a little bit better or more interesting.

Do you dream of amazing worlds? Do you dream of the perfect Earth? Do you wish your dreams were more creative or interesting?

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