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The Baboons Are Coming to Get Me

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Image: Creative Commons Sonja Pauen

Image: Creative Commons Sonja Pauen

I’m laying in bed. There’s rain. I have a blocky silver remote in my hand bearing a single, large red button. I press the button. I feel frustration. I press again. Again. No response. I look up. One third of the wall I’m facing, the wall of my bedroom, is a large white garage door. It’s wide open, so I don’t know how I know it’s white. I press the button again, it’s not closing.

I press more. I NEED it to be closed. I can feel the cold of the wet air. I look at the remote in despair and the edge of my vision catches what I think at first is lightning. Flashes again. But now I realize I hear a cracking, popping noise accompanying the flashes. I look up. Sparks. The wires of the receiver located at the top of the door are torn free, sending sparks into the rainy night sky. Panic sets in.

Another sparking flash, bigger this time as the water meets the electricity. The bottom of my vision catches shapes and I look down. As electricity lights up the darkness I can make out the shadows of three baboons. they’re looking for me. They want ME. And these are no ordinary primates, they’re hyper-intelligent and on a mission. How I know this is a mystery to me.

I’m terrified. I realize that my weapon (Why do I have a weapon? Did I know this was coming?) is pinned beneath my naked body. I try to lift up and slide the white metal pole and its attached length of chain from under my weight. It rattles, that sound of chains, and I know it’s over.

I can feel the change in the air as their coarse-furred heads whip to face my direction. I see their evil eyes glint in the dark. They come toward me. Panic. I raise up and free the makeshift flail. I swing. The chain makes an ineffective thunk against the ribcage of one of the beasts. Their teeth and claws are tearing into my exposed flesh. I try to fight, but they’re too heavy. The pain of the attack is too much.

And suddenly I’m above, looking down at my body lying next to Eric’s in an unfamiliar room. I’m tossing, flailing, kicking feebly at invisible attackers. I’m panicked, stuck in a nightmare. I can’t scream. I can’t scream and I’m terrified. Eric reaches over to touch me. “Honey?” he says. “No. Don’t. Stop.” I whimper. he thinks I don’t want him touching me. He’s confused, I can feel it, but in the darkness he can’t tell what’s happening. And I still can’t scream. My chest is pounding and tight and I can still feel them clawing at my skin and chewing on my bones while I watch.

Then I wake up for real. That was a nightmare I had a few nights ago. It was SO scary! I don’t have nightmares much anymore, so it really freaked me out. I meant to write about it the next day, but I’ve been feeling really sick and I just kept forgetting. But there you have it. And imagine, that was all like real life for me. The intensity was like really being there. I could do without ever dreaming stuff like that again.

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