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My Birthday and Christmas Wish List: I’m Weird and I Know It

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I swear it gets harder to make a wish list every year. I’ve kind of gotten to where I dread it. I’m not really big on “stuff” and most of the things I want I just buy for myself as I can afford them. Every year though, people come along asking for my wishlist, so I dutifully make one up and pass it around. Here’s mine for this year.

As you can see, it has a whopping 12 things on it. Of course, we only have a small family gathering, so I’m only getting presents from about 6 people/couples, so 12 is plenty. Since I have a hard time finding stuff to want, I kind of went outside the box this year. I had to try to think of things I wouldn’t get for myself any time soon, but actually wanted.

The natural products are on there because I don’t like spending much to try something new. If i get the shampoo or lip stain as a gift, I can find out if I like it without spending my money. If not, I can probably pass them on to someone else.

The earrings are super cool, and I just think it would be nice to get those as gifts. I need some new jewelry since I don’t wear standard gauge stuff anymore, and those ones I chose are really nice.

The shirt, well, I’m a big foamy fan with a thing for the dark side, so that would be really cool. And it’s a bit more than I’d usually spend on myself.

The game I want but I haven’t decided to buy it yet. I can hold out to see if i get it as a gift. The gift certificates would actually be great because then I can get anything I want. The lamp is just super sweet, I’ve never seen anything like it. i wanted one with dragons, but I didn’t like that artist’s dragon design. I couldn’t find any others that weren’t cheap junk.

The really weird part is the skulls and skeletons. I really do want those. I’d ADORE something like those! The snake, rat and fox are at a price I could see my family spending. I think any of them would be super cool, especially the rat. I’d actually like a cat or a fox skeleton, but they cost way too much. Someday though!

So, do you have a hard time making wish lists for the holidays? is there always stuff you want, or is it a challenge for you to find things to want that people can buy?

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