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I’m Taking a Break From FaceBook For a While

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Yesterday I came to a decision that has left me feeling both unsettled and relieved. I decided that I’m going to take a break from FaceBook for a while.

I turned off most notifications, turned off email notices and unfollowed threads in the groups I belong to. For the first time in more months than I can count, I closed the FaceBook tab that is always open in my browser.

It’s actually been strange not seeing it there, and not getting a constant stream of notices in my email. It’s odd to not have that tab with constantly rising numbers telling me that things are happening on FaceBook that I “should” be looking at. I’ve had to resist the urge to open that tab back up, it’s become such habit for me to spend a fair part of every day reading people’s statuses, looking at images, dealing with drama…

Odd as it all is, it feels good. It’s like I’m more free now. I’m certainly free from a lot of drama. I’m free from people that annoy me. I’m free from the constant stream of negativity that was happening in some statuses and groups. I’m free from the constant reminders of the evil in the world. No longer am I bombarded with all of that every single day, all through the day.

I’m still going to share articles to my profile and fan page, and I may send a few other things over like links and videos from sites I like. I’ll still read PMs from people I know, although I think anyone who knows me either has or can figure out my email and can contact me without FB intervention. I’m not really going to interact much on FaceBook though. I think I may check in every day or two for a limited amount of time, but that’s it. And I’m going to be eliminating a lot of people from my social networks. I already started that and removed over 200 people from FaceBook and about 100 from Twitter.

I know a lot of people think they “need” FaceBook for business or friends or what have you, but I don’t. I think I’ve given the media giant enough of my life. I’ve got better things to do with that time I’ll be saving, like spend time with people, read, learn, meditate and enjoy life. So far this feels like a good choice, we’ll see how it works out over time.

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