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Stop Taking Things So Personally

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

When someone says something, even if they’re saying it to you, it doesn’t mean you need to take it personally. You don’t have to let it affect you at all. People need to learn that.

There was recently a thing with a fellow Bubbler… I made a post about grammar, they commented, I made a quip about the mistakes in their comment, then they proceeded to make a post (which I only caught by accident) saying how it made them worry about their writing and they were going to stay away from people with grammar issues and it made them feel bad. I saw the post and talked it through with them and we worked it out (I think) but it got my mind rolling and I’ve been stewing on it for days.

Why do people take things so personally? I’m one, single person, how can anyone let my words hurt them, especially when I wasn’t even saying anything hurtful or wrong? I see tons of people online and in person who let everything that people say cut them like a knife. One sentence from another person can totally destroy their self esteem or have them questioning what they do or how they live. Really? Why?

I see it so much… If someone says they don’t like X’s art, then X tears it up and cries and thinks they’re a failure. If someone disagrees with Y’s opinion, Y takes it as a personal attack and then makes up false things to attack the other person with. If Z reads that people don’t like their kind of writing, they get depressed and think that they have to change to please someone. And I sit here shaking my head having a Doctor Who moment… “What? What?! WHAT?!”

Why do people look at everything as a personal attack? People can say the most innocent things or make little jokes, and people get all bent out of shape or hurt over it. Are people’s ideas of self and levels of self-esteem really that low? Are people so fragile that one sentence from another person can tear them apart or make them that angry? Now, I was mentally and emotionally abused and used to have the self-esteem of a rock, but I learned, I grew. I realized other people’s opinions were pretty meaningless in the grand scheme of things, and most people who give other people sh!t or deliberately try to hurt them are not worth listening to in the first place. I get ticked sometimes, but not at any personal hurt, but because people are being ignorant and judgemental. Most of the time, I don’t give that much of a sh!t what other people say.

I think people really need to “butch up” as they say. Stop looking for negativity and attacks in everything people say, and stop letting random people who don’t even matter to you change how you feel about yourself or how you live. Why do you care what Joe Blow #5 is saying? Why would you allow some random stranger’s words hurt you? I’ve been called every hurtful name in the book in multiple different languages, but it only hurts me if I let it. And as for Joe Random’s opinion about anything? I don’t have to let it affect me. When it does, it’s my fault for letting their words mean anything.

This may not be my most inspirational piece, but really, I’m begging you people, stop looking for negativity. Stop getting all twisted up inside over other people’s words, especially when they’re not even directly about you. Develop a strong sense of self and quit caring about what other people have to say if it doesn’t make you feel good. I actually feel sad for all the people out there who are insecure and weak and letting random people damage their self-esteem and way of living. But feeling something about it is my choice.

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