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Daily Yoga – 12 Day Beginner Tour: Day 4

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Today’s poses: Downward Dog Variation, Dynamic Arch Bridge, Forearms Supporting Stretch 2, Full Boat Pose (I can’t do that with straight legs), Half Bridge Pose, Prone Neck Stretch, Prone Neck Stretch left and right, Simple Locust Pose (simple?), Spine Relaxing (Relaxing? Do I look like a bloody pill bug?), Supine Bound Angle, Supine Torso Twist left and right, Simple Rabbit Pose (simple?)

One thing I’ve learned today: I may need to invest in a yoga mat. Laying face down on the carpet is not exactly the most awesome thing ever. We keep it clean, but it’s rather rough.

I couldn’t get my arms up as high as the instructor did in the Locust pose. I tried, but I felt like I was going to dislocate my shoulders. The spine relaxing…. Seriously? I could roll back, but then I was stuck. I had to thrust my legs out to get back up, and he didn’t. I don’t know how to make that work, and it was anything but relaxing. And the rabbit pose? Well, I still have a spine, something the instructor seems to no longer have, so there was no way to have the top of my head on the floor with my hands in front of my knees and my thighs perpendicular to the floor.

I got through the whole thing though, just like days 1-3. I’m keeping at it. Once the 12 days is over I need to practice each move a lot until I can get them all down. They expect way more flexibility than a beginner really has. I’m also stretching at random points during the day to help get limber faster. My housemates look at me funny, but I really don’t give a flip. At least I’m doing something to improve my body, which is more than I can say for a lot of people.

I think there’s only one more session before they give me 2 days off. I’ll do my own stuff on those days. I’m not going to let any time go to waste.

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