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Says Who? – People Never Change

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Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

This one makes no sense to me. People are absolutely, positively in full belief of the fact that the media, government and religion can make people dumber, more evil, more lazy, fatter and all sorts of other things. they have total faith in people’s ability to negatively influence others. However, they have no faith at all that a person can change for the better. If they can get worse, why can’t they get better? On what planet does that make even the slightest bit of sense?

If a person can allow themselves, or through desire make themselves, into something less than they once were, it only stands to reason that the opposite is equally true. “People are what they are” is just a cop-out that people use when they don’t want to put any effort into their existence. They want to glide along, letting the world do to them what it will, and then they grab the victim fiddle and start playin’.

If the world can tear you down, it can build you up. If you can beat yourself up, you can heal yourself. If a person can break your heart, they can mend it too. People *can* change. YOU can change any time you want to. It’s all up to you. We are amazing creatures, capable of things our imaginations can’t even fathom. We can become anything we want, any time we want. It’s never too early or too late.

No one can stop you from changing either. If you want to be smarter, stronger, more talented, cooler, more loving, more amazing or anything else, you can do it! Just do it! Everyone can change for the better or for the worst, any time they please. Decide what you want and make it happen. And never think that someone else can’t change. Just when you think they can’t, they may surprise you.

On that note, don’t think that when someone seems to change that it’s all an act. Sometimes it is, but it may just be real. Some of us do a full 180 and become totally unlike what we used to be, and it’s absolutely the real thing. Just like someone can go from loving and wonderful to selfish and evil, someone horrible can become someone wonderful. Anything is possible if a person truly wants to change.

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