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Says Who? – Going for Some Themed Posts Today

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Last night I was sitting here waiting for a movie to buffer so I could watch it online and I got an idea for how to do a mimiseries of themed posts today. “Says who?” is something Eric and I say to each other a lot around here. The world is full of all these ignorant, arbitrary “rules” that serve no purpose other than to control people and hold them back from all the possibilities that life has to offer.

When one of us says or does something that shows we’re hanging on to one of those supposed rules, one will look at the other and say “Says who?” or “Who made that rule?”. It’s a way to snap the other out of thinking that’s not intelligent or beneficial. so today I’m going to do a few posts from the “Says who?” point of view.

The idea here is to get you thinking about the limiting, harmful and just plain ignorant things that you’ve been taught to believe over the course of your life. Just because something gets said over and over and everyone believes it, doesn’t mean it’s true. I mean, think of how adamant people used to be that the Earth was flat. They were wrong, but for a long time they believed they were right.

So today’s posts will hopefully open up your mind and get you thinking. You really need to do that a lot. Thinking that is. You need to be questioning the current paradigm all the time, and be willing to go against it and create a new one.

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