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Daily Yoga – 12 Day Beginner Tour: Day 3

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oday’s poses: Cat Variation 2 left and right, Child with Arms Extended, Downward Dog Variation, Cat Pose Dynamic, Spinal Twist with legs Crossed right and left (pretzel lessons, anyone?), Simple Seated Forward Bend (simple, my butt!), Seated Hamstring Stretch left and right (ouch!), Dynamic Chest Opener, Wrist Stretch 1, Wrists Stretch 2, Dynamic Wide Angle (Do I look like frelling Jean-Claude Van Damme to you??).

So, after today’s session, I hurt. My shoulders and wrists feel messed up. Hopefully the pain will wear off and there’s no real damage, but damn! And that last move, Dynamic Wide Angle, are you kidding me? I tried finding a video online but I couldn’t. Basically, sit on the floor with your legs spread at about a 150° angle, then lean forward and do a sort of push-up while keeping your knees totally straight and flat.

They call this beginner stuff? I seriously have to wonder about that. It looks to me like you need to have 100% Gumby flexibility prior to any yoga. I’m going to keep trying, but this is just frustrating. A beginner course should tell you how to go from 0% flexibility forward. There is nothing at all to teach me how to get flexible enough to do these poses.

I actually feel really bad right now too. I was looking for a video of that pose and found one of this overweight old woman doing something similar. It was gross, but at the same time I’m sitting here thinking, if an overweight old chick can do it then I damn well need to be able to do it too. I’m just struggling with the how. And man, she made it look easy too, which just makes me sick. I’m not usually the competing type, but seriously… I can’t let that stand.

Does anyone have any tips on getting flexible faster? My legs are my big issue. I have no range of movement in my hips and the muscles in the back of my legs have no give at all. Upper body and back I’m good with, I just need to get a little looser. My balance isn’t great, but I can work on that. The legs and hips thing is where I need help.

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