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Don’t Practice Drama in Your Dreams

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I just wrote about morphing your nightmares and it got me to thinking about dreams. My own, as a matter of fact. There was something that I used to do, and I discovered that it was so detrimental to my life. I had to train myself to not do it anymore.

Many people, both in their waking time and in their dreams, rehearse drama that hasn’t happened yet. We play out potential situations from the viewpoint of arguments, disputes, failures, and basically everything that could possibly go wrong. The night before a date or a job interview we dream up how we could trip, have spinach in our teeth, say the wrong thing, offend someone, be looked at badly and so on. We know family is coming over soon so we dream about all the arguments and how the kids will break something or how they’ll complain about the hygiene of the house.

We waste our precious dreaming time, and lose sleep too, fretting over every little thing that could possibly go wrong in situations that haven’t even happened yet. We cause our minds to cling to bad thoughts, doubt, fear and anger. We cause our bodies stress and pain. Why do we do that? Some people claim that these rehearsals are needed, that we must be prepared for the worst. What a load of dren that is.

What we need to do is dream about all the wonderful possibilities. We should dream about all the ways that something could go right. We should dream, both at night and in those daydream moments, about how good things could be, how many possibilities there are, and about all the joy we can experience. you don’t *need* to think of all the bad that could happen, because you don’t even know that it ever will. Why stress over negativity that isn’t here yet? why open yourself up to it and invite it in?

I have learned to catch myself in dreams and shift them whenever they tend toward negativity and drama. And yes, you can learn to have some level of awareness within your dreams, it just takes practice. When I go to bed at night I try to set my mind on something pleasant, though sometimes I’ll keep myself awake thinking of all the good. But at least that’s better than the negativity. Most often though, I just allow my mind to drift to where it pleases, secure in the knowledge that I won’t be dreaming drama anymore.

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