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Daily Yoga Supplemental 1 – Pain and Posture

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Woman Standing Yoga Pose - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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I’ve noticed something interesting. I’ve only been at the yoga for a few days now, but I’m already seeing it have an effect on me. It’s actually both cool and interesting.

I’ve noticed that I’m much more aware of how bad my posture is most of the time. I sit at a desk for most of the day, and I’m usually sort of hunched over the keyboard. I guess I don’t stand very well either. I’m actually feeling it, and I keep straightening my back and setting my shoulders down and back. I’m also more aware of my abs and i pull in my stomach, which is usually loose and pooched out.

I’m also becoming more aware of my ankles. I don’t know if I can ever fix them without surgery, but I’ve become very aware of them. My ankles have caved in for my whole life. After a few days of yoga I can feel it putting an odd strain on my legs that I never noticed before. I find myself making conscious effort to force my legs as straight as they can get. I wonder if practicing yoga can strengthen my ankles and help them reshape. That would be incredibly cool.

The down side to all of this is that the effort hurts my body. You never realize how bad off your body is until you do something that makes you aware of it. Keeping my back and shoulders straight actually hurts quite a bit. I’m doing it anyway. I may not be a spring chicken anymore, but there’s no excuse for not doing all I can to keep myself healthy and make myself better if I can. I’ve already done things with my body that are supposed to be medically impossible, I see no reason to not keep at it. Pain be damned.

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