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Food Stamps, Roommates and the Happening Change

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Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Sometimes life isn’t what we want, but there’s always the potential for it to change. We can focus on how much we don’t like where we are or what’s happening to us, or we can focus on making change and getting what we really want.

Right now I need food stamps because I’m not earning enough money, and I live with roommates because none of us can afford a decent place of our own. It’s by no means an ideal situation, but it could be a lot worse. I used to live in a ghetto and I had to ask permission to eat. I’m already in a better place than I used to be, and things can get better from here. As a matter of fact, they already are.

My income at Bubblews is allowing me to put money away in savings, which is something I haven’t been able to do in a long time. Foods stamp benefits are being cut nationally this month, and I have no doubt that when we get our review on the 10th, mine will be cut due to my income. I’m actually thrilled about that. Some people would be freaking out, but I’m happy because it means that I’m earning enough to reduce my need for help. That’s a pretty good feeling.

I can’t afford a place of my own yet, but I know that things will improve to that point. I keep making more money and getting more popular, which will bring in even more money. My own place or a better place will come. In the meantime, I’m remembering to be grateful to live with people I usually like and I have a safe, comfortable place to stay. It’s really not that bad.

Change is happening in my life every day. When I stay on track emotionally and spiritually, I see the positive feedback. When I get mired in the darkness that’s out there, I see it slipping. So I pick myself up and keep going, and I do it with the knowledge that it can get so much better from here, and it will. I’ve seen so much change this year alone, I know that amazing things are right around the corner.

I want to see life get better for everyone out there. Hard times don’t last forever unless we let them. We can all overcome and grow and live amazing lives if we want to. I’m actually having fun thinking about how great my life can become, and I know that I will never be that far down ever again.

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