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Overhauling Our Blog and Web Presence

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Screenshot: brianadragon.com

Screenshot: brianadragon.com

The time has come, once again, for our blog to get a huge facelift. A while back we tore the whole thing apart and redid it, but it needs to be done again.

I’ve changed, what i do has changed, and the functionality I need has changed. the current layout and features of our blog no longer fit. It’s a lot of stress and work to recreate a WordPress theme and get all the functions and some form too, but sometimes it just needs to be done.

I loved that layout when we first made it, and for quite a while after. unfortunately, it just doesn’t represent who I am or what I do anymore. So, it’s time to start over. Hopefully this incarnation will be a lot better than the last, and with any luck it will be something I can stick with for a long time.

This time I want to go from the fun, wacky theme to something more ethereal, and also something that is both simpler and more functional at the same time. I’m looking to the future this time, instead of just doing what sounds good right now. I don’t trust free web services to stick around forever, so I’d like to incorporate as many things as I can into the blog itself.

It’s funny though, I don’t actually write on the blog. It’s more of a hub and a repository than anything else, but that may change. I hope that Bubblews can get all their kinks worked out and be great for a long time to come, but I’m preparing for the possibility that they may not be here forever, and I’ll need a place for all my work to go.

I’m looking forward to the new layout and functions, but I’m not looking forward to editing all of my Bubblews articles. They all link to ProtoPages right now, but once the blog is ready I’ll want them to link there instead. With over 1000 articles, that’ll be a whole lot of editing, but such is life.

Once the blog has its new layout I’ll let people know. For right now, Eric is neck-deep in code, and will be for a while. I have faith in him though, he got 98% of my wishlist into the last theme, he’ll probably do an awesome job on this one too.

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