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I Love Bacon, It’s Okay if You Don’t

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Image: © Briana Blair

Image: © Briana Blair

Today is International Bacon Day. I happen to love bacon. I like it sliced thick and cooked chewy, and I like it in just about anything. I think it rocks that there’s an international celebration for bacon.

This day got me to thinking about something that always bothers me. We bacon lovers catch a lot of crap from vegans. Well, people who aren’t vegans get crap from people who are, but bacon eaters get it really bad. it just makes me think…

I have never tried to force anyone to eat bacon. I don’t call people names or insult them if they don’t eat bacon. I’ll offer someone some or suggest they try it, but if it’s not their scene, I’m cool with that. I don’t think non bacon eaters are evil. So why is it that many (not all, thankfully) vegans try to force their ways on meat eaters, they do call people names and insult them, they are not cool with people eating non-veggie food and they do think non-vegans are evil?

I have no problem with someone being a vegan because they think it’s healthy or because they are against killing animals, or whatever their reason. I respect their choice. Why not respect mine? I’m not making anyone else do it, I’m not even saying my way is better or right like so many vegans do. Why not just live your way and let others live theirs?

Being vegan isn’t better than being an omnivore, being an omnivore isn’t better than being a vegan. They’re just different. Why can’t people accept that and move on? I really don’t care what people choose to eat or not eat unless I’m cooking for them, then I respect their dietary choices or needs. I don’t see any need for anyone to be rude or insensitive to anyone over this stuff.

By the way, bacon gets one day, but November is World Vegan Month. You get a whole month!

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